caught in the 'net

I love fishnet.

The way it feels on my skin.

It hugs me. It tugs me. It surrounds me. It owns me.

And that turns me on.

Last night I went out for a beer wearing a fishnet top under a sweater.

I put red lipstick on my nipples and pulled on them through the netting for a while before I went out, so I guess I can't really blame it on the beer.

But beer does make me a bit loose. Looser than usual.  A bit horny. A bit reckless.

So it wasn't long before I felt the need to take off my sweater.

My pants weren't far behind and before you could say jack robinson, I was posing for the boys and girls.

Caught hopelessly in the 'net, again.

Otra cerveza!...and a splash of milk.



  1. Mmmmmilky nipple. Do your tits drip drops of milk when you are turned on?

    I bet you like having your tits squeezed and your nipples pulled, don't you?

    You ARE a dirty grrrl. Yum.

    I love the fishnet on you, the way your nipples stick through the holes...perfect for pulling, pinching and sucking.

    It makes me think about you on your knees, sucking my cock. Slurping, sucking, gagging on my meat.

    Suck my cock, Dirty Grrrl. Suck it good. Be my whore.

    I am your Master.

  2. It would be incredible to run into you in point pleasant, or maybe in a bookstore. I would pull and squeeze your nipples in secret, through your shirt, giving you a little smile and watching as your eyes roll back. Only you and me would know that your pussy was dripping onto your thighs.

  3. I read through your entire blog between yesterday and today.

    I got a huge hardon at work this afternoon. I told my boss that I was going to meet a friend for coffee in our cafeteria but I snuck into one of the janitors closets to jerk off.

    I was so nervous, the closets are unlocked with no window on the door, but anyone could have walked in. My dick was throbbing. the vein along it was pumping so hard and by the time i came into my hands i nearly screamed it felt so good. Maybe it was the fear, maybe it was thinking about you, but when i licked the cum from my hands it was extra sweet...


  4. nothing wrong in taking your clothes off for strangers especially when you have such a great body

  5. love to meet up and then tie you up, mmmmmmm

  6. Maybe you would like to drink some beer with me, and ill take your clothes off?

  7. sounds like i missed all the fun :)

    I am 34, shaved head, hardbody and hot with a vivid imagination and many ideas to work on together to satisfy sexual adventure cravings.

  8. You have an amazing and gorgeous body, I really wish that my tongue could be all over it.

    Just thinking about you in public gets my cock so hard i cannot control myself...

    What are your favorite places in the city to both get off, and reveal yourself?


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